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Categories: Process Management
04/29/2018 08:15 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Approvals application installs sequential and parallel approval process capabilities into your account. Once installed, to enable approval capabilities for a given object, follow these steps:

1. First plan your approval process
2. Mark one or more users as "Approvers" (use the checkbox on the User edit page. If you don't see it, use the Page Editor to add that field to the User edit page).
3. Enable the "Workflow" attribute on your object.
4. Enable the "Approval" attribute on your object.
5. Create a Workflow Action for approving records. You will see a new type of action available when creating a Workflow Action that allows you to select: sequence of approvers, an email template (edit template as needed), and type of approval process (sequential or parallel).
6. Assign this new Workflow Action to one or more Workflow Statuses so users can start the approval process at appropriate stages in your workflow.

Now, as soon as a particular record is in the "Ready for Approval" status, users with sufficient approval permissions can invoke that action to start the approval process. This will trigger an email to the first user on the approvers list (or to all of them in the case of parallel approval process). Assigned approvers can then approve or reject the record.

Once all approvers approve a record it will be moved to  in "Approved" status. If any one of the approvers rejects the record, it will be moved intp the "Rejected" status. Meanwhile it will always stay in the "Approval in Progress" status until the process is completed. You can associate triggers and additional workflow capabilities with approval processes as necessary.

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Class Management
Categories: Employee Management
Tags: HR, Learning Management, Training Management, Course Management
01/22/2018 11:11 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Class Management application offers a simple, yet affective approach to class management. The Application allows users to track all aspects related to a class, including instructors, locations, and courses. Classes are automatically archived once the class date and time passes.

The Application also includes a fully functioning external portal. The portal allows class attendees "Registrants" to create a profile and view the list of current classes sorted by course. Registrants can automatically register for these courses and a history of their selected classes is displayed on their profile.

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Document Library
Categories: Document Management
Tags: documents, library
12/12/2018 04:06 AM by Rollbase Labs

The Document Library application is a simple yet powerful application that allows users to store documents. Additionally, documents can be accessed publicly via a built in web portal.

Documents available on the portal are controlled by two parameters. They must be in the Active status and the check box "Available on Portal" must be checked. These controls allow the user to store internal documents. A tab displaying the portal has been included with this application to give users easy access to what is seen by the public.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Categories: Support
04/23/2018 06:16 PM by Rollbase Labs

The FAQ application allows users to quickly and easily record frequent questions and their respective answers. Questions can be categorized using a customizable category list.

The FAQ application also comes with a built in portal that allows external users to view FAQs by category. Only FAQs in the "External" Status will be displayed in the portal. This functionality allows users to create an FAQ and save it as a "Draft" if they need more time to work on it or simply save it as an "internal" FAQ, which is viewable to system users only.

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Categories: Miscellaneous
04/29/2018 08:25 AM by Rollbase Labs

The iRollbase application is a good starting point for Progress Rollbase developers. This application provides an immediate and easy to use solution for some common issues related to information sharing. The iRollbase application allows users to create and share messages, FAQs, links and documents. A portal is included with this application to enable external sharing. Statuses are used to determine if items should be shared externally or not.

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Knowledge Base
Categories: Support
04/23/2018 06:23 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Knowledge Base applications provides a low maintenance knowledge management tool. Creating a new knowledge article takes only seconds. Users will have the ability to publish articles to an external portal accessible to non Rollbase users. Additionally, you can tag knowledge articles as frequent questions. This allows portal visitors to generate a quick list of common question / issues without necessarily knowing key words.

The Knowledge Base application is designed to save you time and money by creating an indexed library of information.

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