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Categories: Sales,Support
Tags: customer management, relationship management, database, customer
02/15/2018 03:05 AM by Rollbase Labs

The CRM application includes all the core functionality required of a basic customer relationship management system by providing a central place for all of your sales, marketing, and support representatives to access and manage customer Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities.

Also included in the CRM application is a Leads portal which you can embed into your website to accept lead submissions from visitors to your website. Configure as many different leads portals and pages as you want to manage all of your marketing campaigns. Lead records can easily be converted into Account records as needed by using standard conversion mapping functionality.

As with any other Progress Rollbase application, CRM can be fully customized and extended to meet the needs of your organization.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Categories: Support
09/04/2017 07:37 AM by Rollbase Labs

The FAQ application allows users to quickly and easily record frequent questions and their respective answers. Questions can be categorized using a customizable category list.

The FAQ application also comes with a built in portal that allows external users to view FAQs by category. Only FAQs in the "External" Status will be displayed in the portal. This functionality allows users to create an FAQ and save it as a "Draft" if they need more time to work on it or simply save it as an "internal" FAQ, which is viewable to system users only.

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Categories: Support
01/02/2018 07:09 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Forums application offers a simple and effective method for managing group discussions. Regardless of what product or industry you are in you can deploy the forum portal in a matter of minutes to start discussions amongst your customer community. Customer forums allow companies to passively survey actual customers and identify industry trends. Anyone can create a subscriber record and submit a new topic or a reply to existing topic or comment from other users. System administrators have unlimited access to all topics and comments regardless of who created the record. This allows administrators to act as moderators of the forum. Additionally, you can sign up for RSS feeds of new topics and/or comments to have access to updated content on the go.

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Categories: Support
10/24/2017 01:59 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Ideas application is designed to enhance the management of product enhancement requests. This application is designed to engage your end users in the design stage of your product by submitting unique ideas that spring up from their own use / implementation of your product. The Ideas portal allows anyone to create a subscriber record and submit new ideas. Ideas contain a detailed description and screen shot (if applicable). Once submitted, Ideas are available to other subscribers who can in turn promote an idea, by submitting their votes, or simply submit a general comment. Votes are totaled for each idea and used to identify popular ideas. Companies can use the popularity of an idea when considering whether or not to implement an idea. System users will be able to document releases and the specific ideas that are delivered in each release. This release history is also available to portal users.

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Knowledge Base
Categories: Support
11/22/2017 05:07 PM by Rollbase Labs

The Knowledge Base applications provides a low maintenance knowledge management tool. Creating a new knowledge article takes only seconds. Users will have the ability to publish articles to an external portal accessible to non Rollbase users. Additionally, you can tag knowledge articles as frequent questions. This allows portal visitors to generate a quick list of common question / issues without necessarily knowing key words.

The Knowledge Base application is designed to save you time and money by creating an indexed library of information.

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