Account Help

    • Do I need an account to sign up for courses or events?
      Yes. In order to use the Springettsbury Parks and Recreation online registration system, you must have an account. Accounts are free to set up and help you keep track of your registered courses and events.

    • Do I need an account for each member of my family?
      No. The system is set up to allow multiple family members ("registrants") to be saved on one main account. This makes it easy for you to sign up multiple family members for a course or event through one purchase.

    • How can I change my account information like my phone number and billing address or change my password?
      To change any of your account information, click the "Edit Account Information" icon on your Account Dashboard page. The fields in red are required fields, while the fields in black are optional. Similarly, to change your user name or password, click the "Change my Login and Password" icon on your Account Dashboard page.

    • How do I add a picture to my Account Dashboard page?
      Click the link to Add a Picture or Family Crest and you will be prompted to choose a file from your computer to upload. You can change this picture at any time by clicking on it on your Account Dashboard page.


Registrant Help

    • What is a registrant?
      Registrants are typically family members that can sign up for courses or events on our website. Each family member does not need their own account to sign up for events. In fact, using one account per family is ideal. This enables you to sign up multiple family members at one time.

    • How can I add new registrants to my account?
      On your Account Dashboard page, click the Add New Registrant icon and fill out the form. The fields in red are required, while the fields in black are optional. If the registrant shares the same address as the account holder, you can click the check box "Use Account Address" and the address will be automatically filled in for you.

    • How do I view the courses or events that I signed up for?
      Under the Registrant section on your Account Dashboard page, you will see a list of registrants that are on your account. To view information about a registrant, including enrolled courses or events, click on the desired registrants name. Each registrant has it's own course calendar to keep track of upcoming events. To see all of the events or courses that all of the registrants on your account are signed up for, check out the calendar on the Account Dashboard page.

    • Can I change a registrants information?
      Yes, simply click on the name of the registrant you wish to edit to bring up their page. On the registrant page, click the Edit Registrant Information icon and make any necessary changes and click Submit.


Purchasing Help

    • How do I start a new purchase to enroll in a class or event that I found on this website?
      First, you will need to Sign Up for a Free Account if you don't already have one with us. There are two ways to start a new purchase on our website. (A) You can do so from your Account Dashboard, or (B) you can start a purchase while browsing our categories.
      (A) If you are on your Account Dashboard page, under the Purchases Section you will see a shopping cart icon. If you already started a shopping cart and the purchase has not yet been paid for, the link under the icon will say "View Shopping Cart", otherwise it will say "Start a new Purchase". In either case, click the Shopping Cart Icon to be taken to your Shopping Cart Information page. Click on the "Add Item to my Shopping Cart" icon and link to browse for a course or event to enroll in.
      (B) If you are browsing our categories and view a class or event, there will be an Icon and Link to "Add to my Shopping Cart" if the course you are viewing is available for purchase.

    • How can I add courses or events to my shopping cart?
      Find the course or event you would like to enroll in by browsing our category of offerings or by using the Search feature. Once you find a class simple click the "Add to Shopping Cart" link on the course page. You will then be asked who you would like to enroll, as well as any additional information that may pertain to a specific course. To select more than one registrant to enroll, hold down the CTRL key while clicking on the desired names. You can deselect names in the same way. After clicking Submit you will be taken back to view your shopping cart where the course will now be listed.

    • How can I add additional registrants that aren't already on my account when registering for a course?
      If the person(s) you would like to register is not already on your account - you have two options. You could (A) add them to your account or (B) click the link to Add Registrants for this event only.
      (A) If you want to add a new registrant to your account, click the link from the Course View page "Add Registrant to Account". After entering in the registrants information, you will be redirected back to the Course View page where you can select the new registrant's name in the Select list.
      (B) If you would like to add registrants for this event only, click the appropriate link. After you click the link, a grid will display below. Click the "Add Registrant" link that is displayed and the fields will appear for you to enter the registrant details. You can click "Add Registrant" for as many registrants as needed.

    • Completing the purchase...
      When you are ready to complete your purchase, click the PayPal Checkout link on your Shopping Cart page to be taken to a secure checkout environment at PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards.