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Pavilion Fees and Regulations

Rental Fees and Times

    • Pavilions are available from dawn to dusk.
    • Weekday Rental - Resident: $25.00 permit fee / Non Resident: $40.00 permit fee
    • Weekend Rental - Resident: $35.00 permit fee / Non Resident: $60.00 permit fee.

Rules and Regulations

Use of all park facilities must be in accordance with Ordinance #04-02, a copy of which is attached hereto. The applicant will be held responsible for the actions of all guests. A permit can be terminated immediately and the applicant and all guests are to vacate the pavilion at the discretion of law enforcement authorities and/or the Parks and Recreation Director if the following is found to exist: a misrepresentation or violation of the terms of the application; public health or safety is threatened; or a violation of any Township Ordinance is found.

The following rules and regulations must be reviewed and adhered to when using pavilions as well as all other rules and regulations listed in Ordinance #04-02:

    • Littering is prohibited. All trash must be taken with you.
    • Smoking is prohibited at all times on any park property.
    • Pavilions must be vacated by dusk.
    • Picnic tables may not be removed from pavilions.
    • Material shall not be tacked, nailed or stapled to pavilion structure. Any material mounted in any other fashion must be removed prior to leaving.
    • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    • All motorized vehicles must be parked in designated spaces. Driving on grass to unload is strictly prohibited.
    • Open fires and hot charcoals for the purpose of cooking may only be done in Township grills. Grills must be extinguished before leaving premises.
    • Pavilions must be thoroughly cleaned.
    • No private amusements rides are permitted.

As the applicant and permit holder, I have read the pavilion rental policy and the rules and regulations, and will take full responsibility in insuring that the policy and rules and regulations are reviewed with my guests and adhered to during the course of our rental. I will take full responsibility for any costs incurred due to damage or trash removal. I understand and fully agree to comply with all terms related to this policy and all applicable laws and Township Ordinances.